Wet collection

Wet Collection

NFIC has a large collection of larvae of the order Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Isoptera and other soft bodies insects. Larval collection is stored species wise in small tubes which in turn are kept immersered in bigger jars filled with alcohol. About two thousand species of larvae are kept in 5118 glass tubes There are about 148, 5liter cap jars.. Similarly termite collection has 855 species stored in alcohol. jars. This collection is of immense utilization for chaetotaxy, and identification of pests when they are in the larval damaging stage.

Collection of blown larvae

Blown larvae Collection

Another unique attraction of NFIC is a collection of blown larvae. In this collection the larvae of Lepidoptera, mostly moths, are preserved in dry state by a process of blowing. In this process the vicera of a freshly killed larva is forcibly removed from the posterior body opening. Then with the help of a narrowly drawn glass tube, inserted into the hollow of the body from the anus body is inflated to the natural size. This inflated larva is then oven dried and added to the collection. In India this perhaps is the only collection where collection of blown larvae is present.

Collection of slide mounted material

Slide mounted material collection

Small insects belonging to various orders like Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, Collembola, Siphonaptera, Thysanoptera, and types of many Hymenoptera etc are slide mounted in Canada balsam. Total slide number is around 5000.

Duplicate Collection

Duplicate Collection

A large number of duplicate specimens are stored in about 1200 wooden boxes. These are used for teaching and other analytical purposes like replacing the displayed material.